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Landscaping With Edibles

Go Green and $ave Green on your grocery bill!

Raised Vegetable Beds

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Complete Lawn Replacement

The Problem: 
An ugly lawn that is full of weeds and suffers from soil compaction, drought stress, and mal-nourishment.

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Lawn Replacement New Sod

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The Solution: 
The common approach is to treat the weeds with a chemical, aerate to combat soil compaction and allow water/nutrients to reach the root zone, and overseed the lawn to fill in bare patches.
Sometimes the best solution, however, is to start over completely by tearing out the old lawn, bringing in good soil, and installing new sod. This option is much more labor intensive, but the results are immediate and we can avoid the use of chemicals completely.

Complete Yard Makeover/Re-Landscape 

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Total Yard Makeover.jpg
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Roman Pisa Retaining Wall

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Roman Pisa Retaining Wall

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Custom Deluxe Dog Run

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Custom Deluxe Dog Run

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